It’s the earning season. I will highlight some key points that caught my attention from the report or earnings call transcript that I read over the next few weeks. Today, I will start off with ISRG, TSCO and NFLX.

ISRG faced a tougher Q3 as compared to Q2 due to resurgent of delta variant.

They also highlight supply chain risk going forward. Looking at the numbers, they definitely did well year on year. Not only that, both top and bottom lines already exceeded 2019 (pre-pandemic) figures.

The company continues to innovate and there is this ION system for pulmonary nodule biopsy which is getting positive feedbacks from the study and customers. And that should eventually provide another growth path for the company.

The following is the closing remark from CEO Gary Guthart.

In closing, we continue to believe there’s a substantial and durable opportunity to fundamentally improve surgery and acute interventions. Our teams continue to work closely with hospitals, physicians, and care teams in pursuit of what our customers have termed the quadruple aim: better, more predictable patient outcomes, better experiences for patients, better experiences for their care teams, and ultimately, a lower total cost of care. We believe value creation in surgery and acute care is foundationally human. It follows from respect for and understanding of patients and care teams, their needs, and their environment. Thank you for your support on this extraordinary journey. 

If this is what the company is about, I am a willing investor for the long term.

TSCO produced another solid quarter with both revenue and income increasing at mid-teen level.

Looking at the stats highlighted in the above slide, there is really nothing not to like. Hal Lawton has been just been the CEO since Jan 2020 and things have worked out very well under him. Coincidental or he is able to bring the group to the next level? Probably a bit of both and hopefully, he can continue to help TSCO to shine during his tenure with the group.

I will continue to stay vested in TSCO.

Squid Game is the talk of the town and NFLX the producer is back on its growth path.

It’s hard to make comparison, given that 2020 was an exceptional year. But averaging out the 2 years, I would say they have been pretty consistent in adding subscribers since 2018.

I have not watched Squid Game but I watched Queen’s Gambit last year and just completed watching Hospital Playlist. And I like them, especially the later. This is an indication how forward looking NFLX is. The decision to start producing original content in 2013 and to enter Korea in 2016 have resulted in today’s performance. And now they just planted the seed for gaming.

Seeing the image above reminded what I read on what Roberto Goizueta (former CEO of Coca-Cola) said.

The enemy was not actually Pepsi. The real enemy was tea, coffee, milk, juice. The enemy was water.

I believe NFLX still has a long runway to grow, especially in Asia. I am holding on to my stake.