Regular readers would know that I have a myriad of growth counters. However, I have a significant stake only in 17 of them. Previously, I have written about iFAST, ISRG, TSCO and NFLX. For this post, I am going to highlight some of the other counters that have caught my attention.

ANET’s latest quarter performance and guidance ignited its share price. As written before, this is one of my love-hate counters. The company disrupts the network business and has taken a significant marketshare from the incumbent since its start in 2008. I love its management but hate its hard to understand technicality of its business. In its latest quarterly report, it was firing in all cylinders and provided a strong guidance that it is now purchasing the parts before they are getting the confirmed orders from the customers as they have clear visibility. ANET is going to benefit from the two Titans Meta and Microsoft as they expand into Metaverse. Not only that, their other verticals are doing well too. So looks like its exciting time ahead for the next few years!

SHOP and MELI continue to show tremendous growth in their respective e-commerce business. I especially like SHOP’s potential as it now attracts not only small entrepreneurs but also the big companies. So its addressable market is huge and I won’t be surprise that it would become a trillion cap company in 5 to 10 years time. MELI’s investment on its logistic and payment a few yeas ago further entrenches it in the South American market. So I am hopeful that it will continue to do well in the next few years.

FVRR latest quarter shows that freelancing is not going away after the pandemic. Not only has it increased its freelancer hiring buyers, the average spend per payer went up too. Personally, I do feel that freelancing will become more popular and even companies will employ more freelancers in years to come. FVRR with the first mover advantage in providing freelancer platform has a long runway for its growth.

The final counter that caught my attention this quarter is AEM. Missed its turnaround story and bought it last December for its next phase of growth. What has impressed me over the past year was how the management has provided clear guidance which is not too far off comes the next quarterly report. This gives me the confidence of the numbers that they provide. With the guidance of ramp-up in the coming quarter to 2022 and sharing of engagement with other top semiconductor companies, the outlook for the next few years is bright.