I found the last crystal-gazing exercise quite fun, so decided to have another go at it! As the number of counters have gone up quite a bit with my revamped portfolio, I will exclude REITs and counters in the Unknown Tier. I will also do a 2-part series, where this post will be on Singapore counters and the next will be on US counters.

CounterWhat I see in my crystal ball?Price
19 Nov 2021
18 Nov 2024
Upside exclude dividend
Latest quarter guidance shows that the group will continue to ramp up in 2022. With the plan to expand beyond Intel and already making headway with a few customers, the outlook looks bright! I expect both top/bottom line to continue to grow. If on average, it grows at about 20%-25%, I expect the price to hit at least $9.$5.00$980%
With less uncertainties from the pandemic and upcoming rate hike, DBS should continue to grow at a steady pace. Dividend should grow at a steady pace too. On average if DPU grows by 5% annually, DPU in 2024 will be around $1.50. At a yield of around 3.5%, share price should hit $42.$32.48$4229%
Continued growth in all markets with eMPF project providing the main growth. I did some predication in this post and EPS in 2024 should hit 25 cents. Assuming a PE of 60x as EPS will jump in 2025, price should hit at least $15.$8.80$1570%
Riding on the tailwind of semiconductors demand for the next few years, Micro-Mechanics should be able to grow its revenue and net profit on average by 10% annually. With that, DPU should hit 17 cents by 2024. At a yield of around 4%, price would be around $4.3.$3.40$4.326%
Another bank that should continue to do well in the next few years. Its Greater China growth is something to look at since that’s the forte of the new CEO. DPU should raise accordingly to $0.50 by 2024. At a yield of around 3.5%, price would be $14.$11.79$1419%
Raffles Medical
RafflesChongqing should churn out profit by 2024 and RafflesShanghai should break even by then. Singapore business should stay stable and on average the group should be able to grow at 15% annually till 2024. With expectation of stronger earning going forward, it might be trading at PE 40x. So price will be around $2.1.$1.38$2.152%
Continue to churn out free cash flow from its various business segments and hopefully DPU can grow to $0.38. At a yield of 3.5%, price would be around $11.$9.39$1117%
Similar to Micro-Mechanics, it is going to ride on the tailwind of semiconductors demand. JEP should also bring in some dough given the expected recovery in the next few years. DPU might hit $0.08 by 2024. At 4% yield, price would be around $2.$1.53$231%
Supply chain issue should be settled by then and it should be able to grow on average at about 10%. DPU should be able to increase to $0.90 and at 4% yield, price would be $23.$19.35$2319%