11-11? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? 12-12? Whenever there’s a sales, it’s always a good time to buy. But do not just buy because it is cheap. There is no point in buying items that are cheap but we won’t use at all. It must be for the items that we need or want. Similarly for stocks. While they are on sales in the past week, buy only if we like the counters!

With my portfolio dropping more than 5% from its all time high 33% in mid November, it’s time to activate the opportunity fund again. Luck was on my side this time round as I just replenished it with my sales of DBS shares on 24 November! Nothing fanciful in my purchase. Basically, I just top up most of the income counters in my portfolio. These are the counters that I like and am confident that they will be able to sustain or increase their dividend in coming years.

As for my growth counters, I added the following.

They have continued to do well in the latest quarter but market is nervy of their growth prospect going forward! DOCU plummeted by 40% just because of its lower guidance in the coming quarter. The tech counters are not going to stop growing but compared to the past one and half years, the rate of growth will not be as high. That’s expected as the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of tech. In one to two years, when the market get used to the normal growth rate again, I am quite confident the price will bounce back.