Topsy turvy in the negative region for my portfolio over the past quarter. It suffered a punctured wound at the beginning of the year which got infected along the way. There are signs of recovery in recent weeks and the wound is back at January’s size. Hopefully it does not get further infection down the road and the healing can continue. YTD’s TWR stands at -10.6%, with absolute loss for the quarter mirroring March 2020.

Top and Bottom 5

With the relentless selling on growth counters, it’s not surprising that they pack the bottom 5 list. These counters are still growing but not at the rate during the pandemic. Market is adjusting its expectation of its growth and more clarity will come after they announce the next few quarters’ results.

Top 5Bottom 5
The Hour Glass (+13%)iFAST (-27%)
CRWD (+12%)INMD (-32%)
OCBC (+8.8%)NFLX (-32%)
SGX (+8.3%)ETSY (-39%)
FCT (+5.7%)SHOP (-41%)

It’s time for the local counters to shine! Crowdstrike managed to snatch a position but the rest are all local! With the relaxation of the pandemic measure, there is hope that they can continue to do well in the coming quarter.

Going Forward

Currently, I am feeling pretty placid about my portfolio. Yes, it is underperforming this year but I am still pretty much in the green since the inception of this portfolio. I am still confident of most counters’ long term outlook and these companies should continue to do well in the coming decade.

I might be downsizing my portfolio by counters and value in the coming months as I prepare to go without my regular pay some time next year. Things are still pretty fluid at the moment but if I really go, then I need to have the cash buffer. Will write about it in the next post.

Looking forward to a better Q2!