Finally found time to do the second part of my crystal ball gazing exercise. This time it will be on the US counters which I have significant stake. The first part which is on SG counters can be read here.

CounterWhat I see in my crystal ball?Price
14 Apr 202
31 Dec 2024
AAPLWith its large and growing installed base, this giant is going to carry on to grow at a moderate pace of 15%-20% with increasing dividend. $165$240
ANETBenefitting with META and MSFT pursue of metaverse. Its other verticals also look set to continue to grow. Strong leadership will bring ANET to greater height.$127$230
CRWDLeader of endpoint detection of cloud security, CRWD has a long runway to grow. Valuation is steep with P/CF at 92x! But if it can continue to grow at the current blistering pace of more than 50%, then the valuation is going to stay elevated.$235$400
ISRGWith the pandemic waning, ISRG is going to benefit from hospital clearing the backlog of surgery. The demand for robotic surgery will continue to increase and with a recurring revenue of 75%, it bodes well for this leader.$280$400
MSFTSatya has bring life to MSFT since he took over it in 2014. Windows and Office continue to be the default for many companies. Azure is the growth engine and gaming looks set to grow further with its acquisition of Activision.$280$360
SHOPSHOP will has its fulfilment network done by early 2024. While capital intensive, this would cement its position as the preferred e-commerce platforms. Currently, it is proposing a 10-1 stock split which is likely to go through. CAGR of 20%-30% until end 2024 is definitely achievable.$58$130
TSCOIt did not occur to me that a retail farm and ranch stores can grow so fast. I would like to give credit to current CEO Ken Murphy for the current growth spurt. TSCO has been doing well but the past 2 years growth is incredible. Growth is probably going to normalised but with their loyalty members similar to SBUX’s active member, it will continue to do well.$228$330
VEEVNiche cloud solutions for life sciences industry. CEO guided that the group continues to track ahead of its 2025’s target. In its recent earning calls, they shared that they are taking longer time to close deals as these are larger deals that they have seen before. Assuming they eventually close the deals, VEEV should be able to continue to grow at 20% to 30%.$191$260
ZSAnother cybersecurity leader with blistering growth. Interestingly, it also collaborates with CRWD. A long tailwind for its growth. Valuation is even higher than CRWD, at P/CF of 123!$230$400