just saying. every time I thought I am done, I end up buying or selling more. I might cut 3 to 5 positions from my portfolio but current thinking is to only do it from next year onwards.

Looks like I do know myself pretty well. Only one month after I wrote the above, here I am buying again last night. With the exception of SHOP, the rest were relatively smaller positions that I had. Even with the latest purchase, each still takes up less than 1% of my portfolio. Most had reported a strong quarter but given cautious guidance due to uncertainty in global outlook and market has been in an unforgiving mode over the past month.

I remain upbeat about their future potential, hence decided to take this opportunity to grab a bit more shares. After adding the shares, this is how they are currently faring in my portfolio based on the latest price. I am not expecting a quick recovery but I believe that they will survive the current crisis. If the fundamentals do not deteriorate, I am hopeful for a turnaround in 3 years time.