It has been a brutal quarter for the market so far and my portfolio continues to slide with the market. At the end of March, it was down by 11% and last check it is another 10% lower. Interestingly, I felt less angst as compared to the initial drop. Probably the mind has managed its expectation and so the emotion does not act up as much. The other factor is that the cash built up from the last sold will be able to cover my expenses for the next 3 years. So I can carry on to do what I intended to do without worrying if I need to sell my stocks at depressed price.

Having invest for such a long time, it is intuitive to buy when there are good lobangs. So besides adding a bit to the 6 US counters mentioned in the last post, I have invested in the following.

Singapore Savings Bond

With the rise of interest rate, SSB’s interest has gone up in recent months too. In the latest tranche, I only manage to get part of what I have applied for as it was oversubscribed! I am glad that I did not keep waiting for the best rate and gotten all that I have applied for the May issue.

Currently I have 3 tranches of SSB and the interest rate shown will be what I would be getting in the next 5 years.

  • May 2022 (0.86% – 2.37%)
  • June 2022 (1.43% – 2.71%)
  • Sep 2018 (2.39% – 2.97%)

I will continue to apply for every issue until the end of the year and hopefully by then I can get all the SSBs that I have intended to purchase. Going to hold them for at least the next 3 years and will decide then if I want to redeem or carry on holding the bond.

Lion Global Infinity Stock Index Fund

With the markets trending downwards, it is an opportunity to buy for the future. Given that I need to be prudent with my cashflow in the next few years, I decided to tap on my CPF-OA for this opportunity. From what I know, the only global index fund that I can purchase with CPF is Lion Global Infinity Stock Index Fund on the Endowus Platform. This fund basically invests as a feeder fund in the Vanguard® Global Stock Index Fund. You can read more about it here.

Similar to SSB, I am going to add in tranches but I will do it on an ad-hoc basis. The maximum exposure that I am comfortable at the moment is 20k.

The following is my referral code for Endowus. If you also intend to invest through Endowus, do remember to enter the code, so that we can each get $20 in Access Fee credit.