It’s the third day of isolation and I am catching up with the past issues of The Edge magazines and write-ups in The Smart Investor portal. As usual, I am trying to pick up new investing ideas as I read. A few counters caught my attention, such as Q&M Dental and ST Engineering, which I am not unfamiliar with them as I had invested in them in the past. As I was considering their merits and cons, I decided to take a pause.

“Look at your current portfolio. Are they better than what you already have?”

That voice took me away from my reading and bring me back to my current portfolio.

At the time of writing, I have 35 counters in my portfolio. The following chart shows the positions of the top 24 counters which accounts for about 90% of the portfolio.

Yes, it is Singapore and dividend centric. 80% of the portfolio is made up of Singapore companies, with US companies making up the rest. Among the US companies, only Arista Networks manages to squeeze into the top 10 holdings.

Income counters made up 65% of the portfolio and even among the 35% growth counters, some of them also pay out regular dividend, such as AEM, iFAST, Raffles Medical, Apple, Microsoft and Tractor Supply.

Looking through the list, I concluded that I do like what I already have more than the “new” ideas. So if I am to re-invest the dividends from the current quarter, the money will go to the above list.