That’s the most common question that I get after I told my friends that I am quitting my job next year.

My general reply is that I do not really know as I plan to deal with it when the moment comes. It is just like going to travel but not having a destination in mind. So you just go to the airport and see which is the next available outbound flight.

Maybe what they wanted to ask is what would I be working next?

I have been saying that I will probably be freelancing but now that I think about it more, I will probably say that my main engagement will be managing my investment portfolio. If I would to give myself a job title, then it would be Investment Manager (unqualified).

The following is how DBS describes what an Investment Manager does.

The role of an investment manager involves financial planning, undertaking research, investing, day-to-day buying and selling of securities, portfolio monitoring and more. They, first, analyse your current financial status and accordingly set reasonable financial goals. Then, based on these goals, they devise strategies and conduct trades within portfolios to bring the best returns for you.

Really sounds like what I am and will be doing! Just that this investment manager a bit “pai mia” (tough life in hokkien) as he has only one client and will only be paid when his client’s portfolio does well. Looking at the bright side, he would be pretty free as he serves only one client. So he would have time to do some other side hustles that he finds interesting.