It’s hard to resist the temptation to buy when the stock market continues to move downwards during the month. The bad and good news is I have little to deploy. Bad as I could not take advantage of the opportunity but good as I don’t have to spend time to think about which counter I want to add on.

Alas, with AEM plummeted by more than 20% over a few days after Intel’s announcement that it will be cutting jobs, I added a bit more at $3.19. While AEM announced a higher forecast of its full year’s revenue some days later, its share price together with other semi-conductor companies continue to come under pressure as market is jittery with US curbing the selling of advanced chips to China. So the near term outlook does appear grim. However, if timeframe is stretched longer, then the likelihood of increasing demand for chips continue to stay high.

Why not wait longer before buying? I could have but I also wanted to invest my CPF in T-bills and possibly add more to Lion Global Infinity Stock Index Fund. Hence I need to buy AEM first, else I will hit my CPFIS limit for stock again.

With T-bill hitting 3.7% in the last issue, I decided to make a trip to the bank to put some of my CPF-OA for the upcoming issue. The wait is crazy! It took 3 hours before my number was called. Luckily their SMS system is still working and I was able to do other things during the 3 hours. The transaction took less than 3 minutes, as I just need to fill in a form that they will process at the back end. I have also withdrawn the fixed-deposit which I did not get the promotional rate. Together with the withdrawal of the earlier SSB tranche, the money is redeploy to buy the upcoming SSB and T-bills.

Finally, I wanted to add on to Lion Global Infinity Stock Index Fund. However last check on Endowus shows that it is currently only about 5% down from my average purchase price. So I will be waiting a bit longer before putting in my next tranche.