Since my projection done in September, I have made some adjustments to take advantage of the increasing interest rate. I redeemed the older SSBs and re-deployed that to the newer issues. I have also added some T-bills with cash and CPF.

Now that I have the August to January issues of SSB, it means that I will be getting some interest every month. As for T-bills, I am going on a 2-month cycle. By doing this, I will have access to some of my cash every two months (instead of six) and that provides me with a bit more flexibility with my cash. As for purchasing T-bills with CPF, I am likely to give the April 1-year T-bill a try.

With the above adjustments, the projected income for next year now hits 54k! That’s a 12% increase over the September’s projection. Not bad, given that I am not adding more money but just adjusting where I place my fund.

Wishing all a great 2023 ahead!