The fund from the selling last week came in by Wednesday! No prize for guessing what I did with the money. Yes, another tranche is placed with OCBC CNY Fixed Deposit Promotion at 4.08% for 8 months. This will more or less make up for the dividend loss due to the selling.

On the same day, OCBC also announced a new rate for CPF Time Deposit. Besides the 3.40% rate for 12 months tenure, now there is a 3.88% rate for 8 months tenure.

Given that the latest T-bill yield is 3.88%, this is a good offer! The total interest received for the two tenures are about the same. The table below shows the computation of the interest received if $10k is placed. After subtracting the fees, there will be a net gain of about $65 in interest. The deal is good enough for me, so I decided to make a trip to the branch.

Given that I had a lunch appointment with a friend at Millenia Walk, I went to the North Bridge Road Branch. Not only is this branch close to Millenia Walk, it is one of the few branches that opens at 9 am. With a bit more time on hand now, I forgo driving today and took the train.

I was surprised by the crowd taking train at 9.30 am! While mask is no longer mandatory from next Monday, I am likely to continue to wear it when taking public transport. Other than the crowd, the trip was quite smooth and probably about 20 minutes longer than if I drove. However, since I was not driving, I could use the time on the transit to catch up on some news and readings. Not forgetting the savings from ERP and parking fees which paid for these two cups of coffee.

The queue was surprisingly short at the branch. There were only 2 persons in front of me when I reached there and I was only in the bank for less than half an hour. Oh, you do not need to have CPFIS account with OCBC to make the placement but the bank would need your CPFIS account number. With some time to spare before my appointment, I went to Kinokuniya and spent some of the gift vouchers from my ex-colleagues to buy the following books.