After two months of less than 3% interest, the average rate of the upcoming Singapore Savings Bonds is 3.15%.

What is attractive to me in this issue is that the interest for next few years will be above 3%. That will be better than a few issues that I currently held. As such I decided to swap these few issues. If I get allocated the amount I am swapping for, I will be getting another few hundreds interest for this and next year in total. Not much but this little effort helps to pay a month of utility and mobile bills, so why not?

I bought my first T-bill last September and last check this issue will mature today! I have decided to hold on to the cash for the moment as the recent T-bill interest at 3.65% is not as attractive. Also, given the recent turmoil in the market, there might be opportunity in the next few weeks to plough this cash back to my portfolio to farm more dividend.

I am still considering which counters to add and will share after I made my move.