Star Awards 2023 is round the corner on 9 April. Have you cast you vote to support the artist that you like?

I have not watch Mediacorp TV programme for the longest time but I still listen to YES 933. Favourite time slot is the The Daka Show in the morning. I like the show as the three radio DJs Mei Gui, Jeff Goh and Chen Ning have good chemistry and they exude positive energy. Dynamic and creative, they do things that others don’t, such as organising meet up with listeners and doing live radio programme overseas!

Unfortunately they did not win the Best Radio Programme Award. I do feel disappointed for them as I can sense the earnest effort that they have put in over the past 3 years. If you are also a fan of their programme, do remember to vote for them for the following categories at

  • Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists (10 votes – Jeff Goh)
  • Top 10 Most Popular Female Artists (10 votes – Chen Ning)
  • Most Popular Rising Star (3 votes – Gao Mei Gui)

#10 to #6 Holdings of Portfolio

I decided to do a Top 10 for my portfolio too. It is slightly more than 3 years now since the portfolio was incepted in January 2020. Lots of buy and sell in the first 2 years as I tried out different things with my portfolio but it has more or less stabilised over the past year. Without further ado, let’s start with number 10 to number 6 holdings.

Fraser Centrepoint (FCT) and Mapletree Pan Asia Commercial (MPACT) are familiar names. I had them even before the inception of this portfolio. So they are in the green from the time I bought them but for this portfolio they are still in the red. Given the entry price of FCT and MPACT for this portfolio is at a high of $3.01 and $2.39 respectively, the current loss is really not that bad. Averaging down and dividend help to narrow the loss and I am confident that they would return to green in another year or two.

I first bought Venture around the same time I rebooted my portfolio and added numerous time in the past 3 years with price ranging from $15.6 to $18.9. A steady counter that churns out stable dividend. The catalyst that might propel it further upwards would be any increase in dividend in the coming years.

AEM made it to the list because of my recent buy after its price has plummeted more than 20%. I almost double my stake with the purchase. You can read about my decision in the above post. I am glad that it has turned green over the past week and looking forward for strong showing in the next few years.

Arista Networks (ANET) is the star in this list which has grown in strength over the past year. It has hovered around position 15 in the past but its strong performance over the past few quarters have propelled it into the top 10! US market is a lot more volatile and I really do not know how ANET will perform in the short term. But with strong demand from key clients Meta and Microsoft, and increasing market share in other verticals, I believe they will do well in mid to long term.