As mentioned in 2023 Q1 Report post, if schedule permits I would like to attend as many AGMs as possible. Over the past two weeks, many companies have issued their annual reports and notices of AGM. Over the past two days, I took some time to consolidate the information and come out with the schedule.

Just realised that Sheng Siong is also having their AGM on 28 April but at 10.00 am. Still doesn’t clash! However, they will only have a virtual AGM.

Lo and behold, none of them actually clashes! Haha, this made me feel important for a moment. It is as if the companies secretaries have come together to work out a schedule so that I can attend each of them!

Joke aside, while I am able to attend all of them, 3.00 pm timing is not that favourable for me. So I decidedI will just attend the following 4 AGMs in person: Parkwaylife, OCBC, iFAST and Venture. Coincidentally, these 4 are in my top 10 holdings which I shared in my last two posts. It does make sense that I prioritise them. For the remaining 3 AGMs, I will register and watch the live webcast.

Do note the various deadlines if you want to attend/watch the AGM or asks questions. By the time I came out with this, the deadline to submit questions from CapitaLand China Trust and UOB has passed. And there will be no asking of questions or voting during live webcast. The exception are iFAST and Sheng Siong which will be conducting virtual AGM.

Also, if you have not realised, CapitaLand is doing away with serving of food and door gifts. No doubt this is not what I am gunning for when attending an AGM, I thought it is quite sad that they do away with it. AGM is the few occasions which the shareholders can meet up with the management, so I see it as a nice opportunity to build goodwill.

I am looking forward to going to convention center, cultural centre hospital and industry park two weeks later. If we have corresponded and you would like to catch up in any of the 4 AGMs, do drop me an email at We can make some arrangement.

Have a good weekend ahead.