Over the weekend, my wife shared that the Sakura flora display at Gardens by the Bay is extended till 12 April Wednesday. She also happened to have Passion Card which has a 1-for-1 promotion deal for the 10th of each month. And one of the venue is the Flower Dome for Gardens by the Bay! A good opportunity not to be wasted, we went for it yesterday’s morning after sending our children to school.

Beyond the centrpiece, I always love the variety of flowers in the Dome. Coming in various shapes and vibrant colours, they are pretty in their own way and a showcase of nature’s beauty.

How I like flowers is similar to how I like my stocks in my portfolio. From the allocation page of Stockscafe, I could see that I have invested in 7 different sectors and a whooping 21 industries.

That’s me. I like variety as this allows me to learn about industries that I am not working in. It does mean most of the time I only have superficial knowledge about the industries and companies I am investing in. I am fine with that since I am not the one running the company. As long as the management has proven to be competent and trustworthy, I will let the experts do their jobs.

Beyond the flowers, there are also numerous sculptures at the garden. I particular like this wooden owl sculpture as it blended well with the tree at the background. It’s like hidden gems in the stock market that are waiting for us to uncover. Finally, as I am leaving the place, I couldn’t help but take a picture of the magnificent bull!

Yes, we are in a bear market. But one day the magnificent bull will be back!