All this while I never bother with low cost brokerage account. Not because they are no good but I am just too lazy to start another trading account. However, last month I came across Webull’s promotion through StocksCafe and the promotion was too tempting for someone who is currently not holding on to a regular job.

Simply by opening an account with Webull and fund ANY amount, I received a welcome reward of up to 5 fractional shares worth between USD50 to USD500 from Webull. And because it’s a collaboration with StocksCafe, my subscription with StocksCafe is extended for two years!

The process is really quite hassle free and I was able to complete the signing up and transferring of $1 within 10 minutes. Within the week, I was able to claim the reward and in another week or so, the fractional shares were deposited into my account. I was hoping to get GOOG or AMZN but luck was not on my side and ta-da, now I am finally a shareholder of TSLA!

Unfortunately, the promotion with StocksCafe has ended last month. However, Webull has extended their promotion till 28 April, 3:59 pm. So 9 more days to get free shares.

If you were like to try your luck and get free shares, you can click on my referral link.

At the end of the month, I will get my two other rewards. Hopefully, I will get GOOG or AMZN. As for my TSLA shares, I will hold on to it for a while. FY2023 Q1 results was just announced last night and is more than 20% down from previous year but is within analysts’ average estimate. Looks like the price will drop tonight.

May you have better luck than me when getting your free shares!