Towards Financial Independence

journey of an average retail investor

Goal and Strategies

Goal from 2023

With a switch in plan, I am updating my goal. Going forward, I am targeting an average annual return of at least 10% from my portfolio over a period of 5 years.


To achieve the targetted return, I am adopting the following strategies.

  1. To have sufficient liquidity for 3 years (eventually will extend to 5 years), so that I do not need to draw down from my portfolio when it underperforms in any year.
  2. For investment portfolio, maintain an allocation of 60% income and 40% growth. Dividend from income counters will provide part of cash flow to fund my expenses. On the other hand, capital gain from growth counter will increase the size of portfolio.
    • Income counters will include REITS and Business Trust but their allocation will be kept within 30% of the entire portfolio.
    • Growth counters will include a portion for punting. Stocks for punting are those that I felt have potential but I have yet to be convinced. This will be kept within 10% of the portfolio.
    • SG market will take up about 70% of the portfolio and the remaining will be invested in US market.
  3. To pen down my thoughts regularly in this blog, so as to have clarity of my buy/sell actions and to review/refine my strategies.

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