The original plan is to buy for every 5% drop in my portfolio’s year to date value. All bullets would be fired when my portfolio dropped by 20%. However, due to the pace of the current drop, I have modified the plan slightly. I will fire my second shot (30%) at -15% and the remaining (40%) will be fired at -25% to -30%.

With my portfolio hovering at -15% since last Thursday, I have fired my second shot over the past few days. I continue to accumulate positions which I think would do well when the crisis is over and also a bit on a few counters that I feel is oversold and offer good long term dividend yield.

For the first category, I have added more DBS at around $19 (avg. $21.8), Intuitive Surgical at around US$449 (avg. US$541) and Disney at around US$96 (avg. US$138). For the second category, I have added a little more of Valuetronics at $0.53 (avg. $0.78) and CapitaRetail China Trust at $1.21 (avg. $1.48).

I am quietly confident that all these purchases will provide a boost to my portfolio return in  a time frame of 3 to 5 years.