October was another volatile month where the market soared at the beginning of the month and plunged towards the end. And that is nothing new in the investing world. One just have to continue to take advantage of such volatility to invest more in good companies.

Cash Inflow

November is a good month for dividend and will collect about 2.5k of dividend from Mapletree Commercial Trust, Micro-mechanic and SGX.

Near the end of October and early November, I trimmed my position of ADBE, SBUX and VISA to raise more cash to buy into other US counters. Made a 26% profit for ADBE and paid transaction fees for SBUX and VISA.

Cash Outflow

End October

With the drop in price of FrasersCentrepoint Trust below its PO of $2.34, I picked up the another 2000 shares at $2.24. Also, bought 4000 shares of Mapletree Commercial Trust at $1.91 and $1.86 near the same period. Main reason of purchase is the brighter outlook provided in the latest quarter’s results. Yes, could have gotten both cheaper if I have just waited another few days but oh well bottom fishing is not my forte, so I am fine with it.

With the correction in the US Market, I decided to initiate a small position in Microsoft again at US$204. Things seem to be moving for the tech giant and they have the muscle to push things through, so they will provide some stable growth. With Shopify producing another stellar quarter AND a 10% drop in its recent price, I added a bit more at US$923 and that brings my average price to US$708.

Early November

With the continued weakness in the market, I decided to take the opportunity to accumulate more AAPL, NFLX and SHOP again. I also added more to my SaaS portfolio with purchase of CRWD, NOW, TEAM, VEEV and ZM.

For once I am lucky and the price appreciated immediately the next day. Definitely happy with the gain but again I am looking for even larger gain in years to come.