With the sale of Vicom and Valuetronics in late May and and early June, I was looking for replacement dividend counters. I decided to try out StocksCafe screener and set the following criteria.

Screenshot 2020-06-08 at 5.59.28 AM

Basically I am looking for a good company that provides a reasonable dividend now and has the potential to grow its dividend further in the future. With the above criteria, a list of 37 counters is generated (image at end of post). Some familiar names appeared, with a few that I have not heard off. I looked through the list and in the end put my money on the following counters.

Venture which I just vested last year and reading through the latest annual report and quarterly update, I continue to like what I am seeing. Good balance sheet with a strong net profit margin. And being one of the top 12 contract manufacturer of the world, I think it will continue to do well in the coming decade and hence able to maintain or increase its dividend. Bought at $16.09 and $15.62, my average price is now at $16.11, earning a yield of 4.3%

UMS seems to have turn the corner this year and has increased its dividend back to previous level again. For some reason, I do not have much luck with this counter, buying and selling at the wrong time for a few times in the past. Will it be third time lucky? I hope and think so if it can ride on the continue demand of semiconductor. Assuming, a total dividend of 4.5 cents, I am getting a yield of about 4.8% based on my purchase price of $0.94.

IREIT Global was not in my radar as it was just listed 3 years ago. Looking at its latest annual report, its average DPU over the past 3 years is 5.74 cents. With a yield of 7+%, I decided to dip my foot into it to observe how it will do in the next few years.

The last counter that I bought but did not appear in this list is SGX. At $8.20, it gives me a current yield of 3.6%. Not fantastic but it is rather stable with potential of increasing dividend in the future. Also since I am using CPF to buy, I do fancy my chance of getting more than 2.5% annually for the coming decade.

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