Projected dividend will be about 19k but I am hopeful for some positive upsides, so it might hit 20k

At the end of the last year, I was projecting a 20k dividend for this year and I am pleased to report that I was wrong. The dividend collected for the year hit 22k, 10% higher than projection!

The main reason for the higher dividend collected is due to the resumption of normal dividend by banks and REITs. Other reasons being adding more shares to the existing counters and adding new counters such as Boustead, Mapletree Logistic Trust, Sheng Siong, and The Hour Glass. Finally, semi-conductors counters Micro-Mechanics and UMS continue to increase their dividend as their business expanded due to the conductor tailwind.

With the additional buys after the recent market dip, dividend for 2022 should hit 24k. While this amount is still far from my annual expenses, I am happy with it as only about 60% of the portfolio is delegated for income generation.